Thursday, June 16, 2011

Past + Present

I'm kinda obsessed with an ongoing project of photographer Irina Werning titled "Back to the Future". She invites people to have her reproduce old pictures of them. I love how she manages to retain the old photograph look and feel.

(She's currently searching for people with old photos specifically at the Eiffel Tower, Berlin Wall or Statue of Liberty. So if you were a child globe trotter and are interested...)

All images by Irina Werning.

I was thinking it would be really cute to copy cat the idea for a family portrait. Maybe we could do this one taken on top of Enchanted Rock? I love Lorelei's expression (the middle miniature one in blue.) Though it might be difficult getting Danielle back in that baby-carrier...
On second thoughts maybe this one would be a better idea. Knowing my family we still have all those clothes stored somewhere in the house.

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