Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY + Lace

 Looking for a fun easy project to do this summer whilst adding to your wardrobe? Look no further than these adorable lace short that only require some lace and boxers! 
 Get the whole shebang at Honestly WTF.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I + Want

 NEON NEON NEON. nothing says LOOK AT ME quite like a nice fluorescent shade of neon. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to be looked at. So yes, these Cambridge Satchel Company bags are quite high on my wish list at the moment. It's definitely one way to keep yourself from blending into all of the humdrum colors of the world. 
I'm trying to decide which color I like best. Pink or Yellow? Et vous?

 You only live once, so live it loud. 

Spotted by Selina.

Beyonce's + Back

Found a working link for the Glastonbury performance! The long anticipated wait is over!

No idea what I'm talking about? Click here.
ps. loving the all-female band and backup. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rugby + Love III

Rugby Love: The French Edition.

How absolutely fantastic (and amusing) are these photographs? They're the members of the French Rugby team for a calendar titled "Dieux du Stade: Gods of Stadium". So wonderfully homo-erotic and muscular. Can you imagine waking up to this on your wall everyday? I think I would practically have a heart attack every time I opened my eyes.

Let's just say I couldn't post the majority of the photos on my blog. But feel free to look them up yourselves. You'll have to change your google image settings to "safesearch off" if we're REALLY talking business. Takes me be back to my drawing studios freshmen year.

It makes you wonder what the majority of their dedicated male fan base thought about all this. Though I'd imagine their fans' wives loved it.

But aren't they beautiful? They all have perfect gluteus maximi.

BUT WAIT! There's more.
[Inquiry: How does one get to be the official sander-offer of the models' behinds?]

Yes I totally overkilled this post but it's fine.

Rugby + Love II

One of my British cousins, James, was recently made captain of his school's rugby team. This inspired my grandmother to dig up this gem of a picture of my grandfather as rugby captain of his own school's team back in the day.

 I love seeing what my parents and grandparents looked like when they were younger. I could spend days going through old albums. So fascinating!

Rugby + Love I

Just saw this bumper sticker on the back of a car and it made me smile.
It has also inspired two more rugby posts to come. Get excited. But actually.

Happy + Birthday!

So many joyous occasions recently! It's my older sister Selina's 23rd birthday today! She's currently living in China and is very much missed. But she's joining us in England and Ibiza this summer and will be backpacking Eastern Europe with me! Huzzah!
Baby Selina.
Our proud maternal grandparents

Yes. that would be an ocean scene painted on her face. her lips are a fish. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy + Anniversary!

Today is the 24th Anniversary of my magnificent parents! They got married in Montserrat, British West Indies, where my grandfather served as governor from 1987 to 1990. Afterwards they honeymooned in Chile, Singapore, Bali, Venice and a rode on the Orient Express. Talk about setting the bar high.

The happy parents. (My mother's father and father's mother)

Walking down the aisle in Plymouth, Montserrat.

This picture is precious.

Aren't these photographs beautiful? And so romantic!

Gold + Fix // Beyonce + Sequins

Let's go over all the reasons why Beyonce is [insert word to fully justify her. Just try. It literally doesn't exist].
(These pictures are from her show at Glastonbury.)

Gold jacket: check.
SEQUINED Gold jacket: double check.
Black hot pants: check.
Crazy awesome huge hair: check.
Unreal body (those legs!): check.
Dazzling smile: check
Most beautiful skin I'VE ever seen: check.
Overall ferocity: triple check.
She's Beyonce: um, check.

Please watch this video of Beyonce singing a rendition of Prince's The Beautiful Ones that effortlessly slides into the ultra-sex song Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. This just might change your life. If you watch this and are completely unfazed and just continue on living your life, congratualtions, you have reached a level of inner peace and acceptance the Dali Lama is still searching for.

Spotted by Selina.
(This is my new sign off when things are brought to my attention by my older sister Selina. The text is red because she has red hair. Sadly- she has no link. She just exists.)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sequin + Art

Ah! How dazzling are these installation pieces from a project titled "The Mountain Series" by artist Theresa Himmer? Brilliant!




How stunning. Decorating surfaces with shiny sequins is a great way to instantly glamify even the most run down buildings. It must looks magical in the sunlight.

Spotted at Illusion.

NY + Love

It's about time.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gold + Fix

LAST FLORENCE POST I PROMISE. It's just that she's wearing gold glitter so I couldn't not post it...

Florence + Blake

So that last post put me on a Florence kick. Did you know that Florence Welch and Blake Lively are really good friends? They both also happen to be goddesses that I went pagan for. But then again, who doesn't worship them?
Just think how awesome it would be to be their short, awkward, lesser-known third friend.
You could raid their closets and wear their clothes when they weren't looking. That's what friends are for... right?

Casually with Karl. nbd.

Another Florence gem to brighten your day:
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