Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amsterdam + Cool

How great is this couple found by The Sartorialist roaming the streets of Amsterdam? I have many friends traveling through there this summer and I wish I could join them. I've been to Amsterdam before but I would like to go back and experience it in the most non-touristy way possible. Laze about in side walk cafes and see a couple of concerts.

How fabulous are her leggings? The man's jacket is so military chic and their hairstyles are rockin'.

Lime + Crime

"So bright, it's illegal" is how Lime Crime makeup line describes its colors. Its all about going against the norm and standing out. Something I whole-heartedly applaud. How wonderful would it be if we lived in a world where women did go about in such fantastic colors? I think everyone would be a little happier. It would certainly spruce up the office cubicle population.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alexander + McQueen

In light of the current Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I thought I would give a humble homage to the late God of Fashion. The exhibition runs from May 4th to July 31st and is being put on by The Costume Institute. My friend Richard is planning on seeing it soon so I'll just have to experience it vicariously through him.
How wonderful is this gold outfit? I would wear it everyday. Literally.


I would kill for this coat.

Keeping it fresh on the runway.

McQueen's ability to juxtapose female sexuality and power with their delicate vulnerability is part of what made his deigns so successful and world-reknown.

The details on this cape are absolutely stunning.

Beauty is pain. Gorgeous, glittery pain.

(side note: I love the fact the Michael Gorbachev was one of his clients. Oh Gorby.)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feather + Leather

Today my sisters Lorelei and Selina and I went and got... drumroll please... feathered. Well, technically Selina got re-feathered. I wasn't entirely sure I'd want them since I think they've gotten to the point of being a little overdone. But hey, why not? It adds a little spunk and color to your hair without making any long term commitments, and its reasonably cheap. I got purple and white feathers underneath my hair and a mixture of bright pink, bright green, blue and some neutrals.
I kind of wish they were the same length as my hair, but apparently rooster's feathers only grow so long.

Lorelei's is pleasantly subtle and almost just looks like a strand of dyed blue hair.

We got our feathers done at the shop Mana Culture on South 1st Street downtown Austin, and while we were in there a man and a woman came in. They had driven down all the way from Canada and were trying to sell their handmade products from their brand Love Jules to the boutique. My mother really liked a gold leather necklace they had so we bought it, but looking at their website they have a wonderful collection of hand crafted leather products along with antlers and such. Check out their store here.

I got Selina to model the necklace for me. Quite the statement piece. And in person the necklace is a wonderful glowing gold.
My friend Emma would approve of the fanny pack collection they have. She's quite the aficionado for the handy hip bag.

Selina is dying for a pair of these handmade leather shoes.

Lorelei + Graduation

Graduation! Selina, Danielle and I with Lorelei- the new graduate! Danielle has two more years to go- and then all four of us will be highschool graduates. Crazy.

Spending some quality time with my older sister Selina- she heads back to Shanghai tomorrow!
Selina's new Anthropologie dress. Great details on the back.
Creamy Dreamsicles.
Mummy and Emma catching up. Emma has been our babysitter/ wonderful friend since Danielle was born- 16 years!
All grown up.
Delicious Chocolate Mousse dessert!
The patriarchs in the pagoda.

My cousin Sophia completely wiped out. But with a cupcake.

I like posing with umbrellas. Casual.

Selina and Daddy
Lorelei showing off her new rings.

Three generations.

The four of us absolutely exhausted. time for some quality sister nap time.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

East + Eden

The first book I have finished this summer: "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck. Well, technically I started it over winter break but haven't had much time to get all the way through it since then. But an absolutely spell-binding book with wonderful character development and story lines that last generations. I highly recommend it.

What's next? Watch East of Eden the film starring the one the only James Dean. Talk about sex icon.

I'm up for recommendations as far as my next book goes.

Yes. I will most definitely be watching East of Eden very soon. *swoon*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fleetwood + Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Ah. Fleetwood Mac. Some of the most complicated relationships in show business.

Now I'm the first to say that Glee has gone downhill. However, the recent episode entitled "Rumors" was surprisingly good. The kids are assigned to choose songs off the Fleetwood Mac album Rumors, including the tracks, "Never Going Back Again" "Don't Stop" and "I Don't Want to Know."

The tangled relationships and break-ups of Lindsey Buckingham (a dude) and Stevie Nicks as well John and Christine McVie may have caused overall chaos and destruction, but created one heck of a good album. In lieu of the angsty show choir's interpretations, I've been playing the Rumors album on repeat. And no, not Scheuster-style. Although I'm sure I could dig up my father's old record somewhere...

Watch Rachel Berry's excellent rendition of "Go Your Own Way." Doesn't it just make you want to grab the nearest microphone and belt it?

and the fabulous original.

Gold + Decadence

If it's gold and it's wearable- it's a winner. Thats my philosophy anyway. But this dress on Karla from Karla's Closet would make anyone melt. It's absolutely stunning, and the nude Christian Louboutin pumps really set it off. And as usual, Karla's adorable pixie cut helps to draw attention to the dress. I'm besotted.
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