Saturday, July 2, 2011


Parting is such sweet sorrow
Alas, I shall be back. You can look forward to more glittastic posts starting August 10th.
Feel free to roam the young archives of Glitterature in my absence.
 For now, I will leave you with the wonderful plans that are my summer.
 (Its my blog, I do what I want.)

July 3rd-5th: visiting family in England. My grandparents 50th anniversary and my uncle's birthday! Hooray! We'll be splitting our time between the beautiful little town of Winchester...

  ...the bustling and intoxicating London town...


and the beautiful little village of Bledington.

Afterwards we head to Ibiza- an island off the eastern coast of Spain. 

Then I leave on the 15th with my older sister Selina to meet up with my friend Amelia- 
to backpack Eastern Europe!!
Our (incredibly loose) itinerary:
Istanbul, Turkey

Sofia, Bulgaria

Belgrade, Serbia

Budapest, Hungary

Bratislava, Slovakia

Prague, Czech Republic

 Berlin, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

THEN I part ways with my lovely travel partners and fly? train? walk? to Athens (where I demand that the rioting will be finished and we shall all come to a peaceful conclusion) and meet up with my past and future roommates Richard and Ariella (and dearly missing our fourth who is studying in STL this summer). Richard will be coming from Morocco where he has spent the summer studying Arabic and Ariella will be coming from Italy where she has been studying art. So we will no doubt be exhausted, multi-lingual, dirty (in my case) and ready to party. 

We'll (hopefully) be hitting up Athens


 and Mykonos!

HUZZAH! then back to the good ole' ATX for the small remainder of summer. Then the cycle completes in St. Louis for junior year. Psycheddd.

US + A

Another thing I'm drooling over (too far?): this Nasty Gal shirt. Perfect for the upcoming holiday and totally rad. I love how its longer in the back! Tres chic. And think of all the America-themes parties you could wear it to! The possibilities are endless. Truly.

God Bless.

Gold + Fix // Spike + Bike

 Feast your eyes on this bamf gold spiked- headband. My younger sister went through a phase when she was little where she would headbutt us. It was incredibly painful. This addition would have been a completely different story. 

GOLD BIKE. i want.

Friday, July 1, 2011

4th + July

This looks like an ordinary cake right? SURPRISE it's not! Cut it open and lo and behold its an American Flag! No better way to show patriotism than to eat the symbol of you country. So if you state has also been banned from fireworks and you need a filler for entertainment, give this guy a whirl. Recipe and instructions at Glorious Treats
I will not personally be making one of these creations because I will be in
 England this 4th of July (awkward...).


Summer + Licks

Can't beat the heat? Sadly these sweet treats aren't exactly at your local grocer. But they're pretty darn awesome.
These popsicles are a design project idea by the Russian advertising agency, "Stoyn".  I think they're hilarious and I would definitely indulge in a couple! Just check out their flavors- crazyy.
My favorite is Darth Vadar. Duh.


Spotted at Illusion.

Gold + Fix // Knuckle + Dusters

Knuckles feeling a little bare? Try these on for size. These purses by Alexander McQueen boast both fashion and function. No one will be running of with your bag anytime soon, considering they're practically bolted to your hand.  

Purse and rings in one? Yes please.

Ahh and how wonderfully statement-y are these pieces? There's just something about skulls that are so bad ass but alluring at the same time.

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