Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clothes+ Purpose

IOU. Changing the way we attain our clothing. They realized the value of hand-woven apparel and its fast decline toward oblivion as "the machine" takes over the word. So this company organizes the communication between fabric weavers in India, artisans in Europe and "you." Its incredibly environmentally friendly, gives thousands of people in India and around the world jobs and makes beautiful, hand made clothing. What's not to love?
(Unrelated noted: Loving the boots on the model in yellow shorts. My sister has a pair just like them from Ibiza. Alas, they didn't come in my size.)

They have an amazing lobster pink trousers I'm putting on my wish list.

Check out their rad graphically designed video here:

(ps. how cool is their logo?)

Spotted at ali loves curtis.

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