Monday, June 27, 2011

Gold + Fix // Beyonce + Sequins

Let's go over all the reasons why Beyonce is [insert word to fully justify her. Just try. It literally doesn't exist].
(These pictures are from her show at Glastonbury.)

Gold jacket: check.
SEQUINED Gold jacket: double check.
Black hot pants: check.
Crazy awesome huge hair: check.
Unreal body (those legs!): check.
Dazzling smile: check
Most beautiful skin I'VE ever seen: check.
Overall ferocity: triple check.
She's Beyonce: um, check.

Please watch this video of Beyonce singing a rendition of Prince's The Beautiful Ones that effortlessly slides into the ultra-sex song Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. This just might change your life. If you watch this and are completely unfazed and just continue on living your life, congratualtions, you have reached a level of inner peace and acceptance the Dali Lama is still searching for.

Spotted by Selina.
(This is my new sign off when things are brought to my attention by my older sister Selina. The text is red because she has red hair. Sadly- she has no link. She just exists.)

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