Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's + Day

Not quite sure what to get your old man this father's day? Here's a list that I compiled after much surfing that has something for every kind of daddy-o.

For the Adventurous Dad: A little flashback-to-cub-scouts is healthy for every middle-aged man.

"Firestarter Kit includes: pine needles, fuel soaked wood, locally harvested and dried sap, and 15 strike-anywhere matches – all enclosed in a medical glass test tube that’s sealed with a cork."

Firestarter Kit: $16

For the Classy Dad: This Gramophone iPod Station just oozes class. Looks like the past, plays like the present. Turn up the Sinatra.

Gramaphone iPod Station: $95

For the Sports Dad: Personalized New York Times Baseball History Book. A bound collection of personalized memories of his favorite Major League Baseball team.

Personalized New York Times Baseball History Book: $90

For the Hipster Dad: Make every picture a hipstamatic picture. Throw in some flannel and glasses and you've got yourself one cool pop.

The Instant Camera iPhone Decal: $6

For the Oblivious Dad: Never have to worry about proper placement again. Sadly the words are in German but if he can get past that, setting the table is a cinch.

Kniggerish Table Set:24.95.

For the Nostalgic Dad: Three vintage record albums to store all his old 33's. (The wear and tear is part of its charm.)

Record Album Collection :$34

For the Metro Dad: This shaving kit contains Pre-shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After Shave Balm and a Badger Brush. They're all infused with Sandalwood oil (one of my favorite scents).

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit:$25

For the Fitness Dad: How cool is this see through Kayak? A bit steep but totally worth it.

Transparent Kayak: $1,475 (Woman not included.)

For the Utilitarian Dad: Look no further for the perfect rustic Camper Satchel. Made from tan waxed canvas (waterproof!)

The Camper Satchel: $175.

For the Artsy Dad: This silk screened cotton canvas throw pillow has the perfect balance of macho and mystic.

Boxing Deer Bucks Throw Pillow: $60

For the Intellectual Dad: nothing says IQ like these "Vintage Mens Smart is Sexy Grey Loafers" :$65

For the Young-at-Heart Dad: Give him his childhood back.

Axe Sling: $198

For the Fashionable Dad: Every man should own a good ascot/pocket square. Pink just emphasizes his masculinity.

Paisley Silk Pocket Scarf: $70
Spotted at Mr. Porter.

You're welcome.


  1. Before I looked I thought the first one was a lipstick...

    / Avy

  2. Hey! ok i couldnt figure out how to just send you a message but thanks for your sweet comment! it really made my day! this is my first attempt at blogging and when i get back from italy, i want to start a new one and do more of a lifestyle/design/fashion type thing... haha its still in the works. I really love your blog too - especially the way you wrote Gliterature - i could never figure out how to do that. so this is like, supr stalker of me, but on your blogger profile, it says your from austin? really random, but thats where im from too! i go to UT. you can find me on facebook (Kelsey Anne Shaw) - id love to talk about blogging ips with you and maybe we can go down to soco and try to do a style post! xo kels (again sorry for the stalking! :))

  3. That iPod station is amazing. How darling! And I want that utilitarian satchel for me! And I assure you I am not a dad, nor will I ever be. (I'm a girl.)



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