Saturday, June 18, 2011

Food + Post

So I've decided I'm going to start doing a weekly food post because exploring Austin's exploding food situation is a family pastime of ours. Our house doesn't have a kitchen (joke). This past weekend we've had a rather pleasing amalgamation of sustenance.

Friday for lunch we went to South Congress Cafe (had my usual Endive and Pear Salad (and yes I've mentioned it in a previous post) but we tried their Cinnamon and Pecan Bread Pudding with Mexican Vanilla Ice cream (because the diet starts monday...). It was absolutely scrumptious. A wonderful thick and creamy texture and so so sweet.

Bread Pudding. YUM.

For a very late dinner we hit up "Curryosity"(yay puns!)- a new food trailer off East Cesar Chavez. The trailer is run by Sean and his wife Angela who both interestingly have backgrounds in French cuisine. They both have extensive restaurant experience but said that making tasty curries out of a tiny trailer is what they love. Sounds good to me.

I had their Yellow Curry with Garam Masala Chicken, potatoes, onions and carrots over a bed of Jasmine Rice. We also tried their green and red curries, and their beef Pho- all equally mouthwatering. My parents and I sat out with them for a but and enjoyed the heat of the night and the strangely deserted surroundings.

Yellow Curry.

Early this morning we got up and went to Juan in a Million. Well known in austin (and outside it? Food Network's Man Vs. Food anyone?) for having amazing Mexican food. It's the first place I'm taking my friend Richard whenever he comes to visit Austin. Here, and the Broken Spoke. I had their best seller, the Don Juan which was a ridiculous amount of food for about $3.

Such a great name.

The Don Juan

So now I'm in a permanent food coma. And trying to figure out the secret to food photography and how to make dishes look as appealing as they taste.

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