Sunday, September 30, 2012


Dear avid listeners of my radio show "Anything and Everything"- exciting news-
 I'm back!
And its no longer a solo show- my long lost co-DJ CHARIZARD (he was abroad in Londontown last semester) will be pumping da jamz with me!!

So tune in to LAZER CATZ, NEVER NUNS. 
KWUR 90.3 FM/
Sundays 10-11am.
(and like our facebook page)

playlist 9/30

THE SHINS. rifle spiral
LYKKE LI. i follow rivers
WHITE RABBITS. percussion guns
THE XX. angels
THE STROKES. under cover of darkness
BEIRUT. elephant gun
SANTIGOLD. disparate youths
GROUPLOVE. love will save your soul
MELODY CLUB. fever fever
M83. midnight city
PETER BJORN & JOHN. breaker breaker
ROBYN. hang with me

Friday, September 21, 2012

Calvin + Florence

Check out Calvin Harris's new track Sweet Nothing featuring none other than wonderwoman herself, Florence Welch.

Love that she rocks her androgynous look.
You go, Flo.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New + Tunez

This is the post where I introduce you to some fabulous and interconnected beatz.

One upon a time there was a fabulous duo named Elle Lefant who was made up of Nijae Draine and Max Hershenow. The two produced, amongst several, this gem:

Sadly, the two brainchildren have split, but have gone on to do bigger and better things.

 Max went onto form the other half of the ever-popular MS MR (see their single below).

 And Nijae has started a project of her own, Halona King.  Check out some of her hits below:

I hope you enjoy all this music as much as I do. And if nothing else you now have more tracks for that "Cool Musak" playlist that is slowly wearing out Lana del Rey (blasphemy!).

The end.

Spotted by Selina.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


What is the sexiest, sultriest band to have ever produced music in the history of mankind? 

The xx.

Their second album, Coexist, came out yesterday. 
You should probably look into buying it. 

Unless you are a robot. Then there's really no point.

Get your aphrodisiac on and stream the album here.

thanks selina.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sexy + Sweaters

As fall approaches, I begin the hunt for eye-catching sweaters. And boy, have I found just the trick. Except they will be going straight to my Xmas list cause they are $70 a pop.

Meet Sexy Sweaters: unbearably desirable sweaters that sparked an internet frenzy and are now "offered" in an infinite array of designs, none of which are actually buyable. 
Enter the biggest internet tease: The Fashion Meme.

Below are the actual sweaters you can purchase from Sexy Sweaters (slash the website is called Mr. Gugu and Miss Go? To be honest I'm a little bit confused about the origin. I think they're polish?) 
The Memes are too follow.

 galaxy. so in right now.

The memes:

This one if for my friend John.

dis one is MINE.

spotted by Richard.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Close your eyes and picture the most wonderfully aesthetic combination of sexy modern swimwear and bright tribal prints.

Ok. Now look at these pieces from Stella Jean's Summer 2012 Beachwear collection and try and tell me they aren't everything you had ever imagined and more.
 Absolutely stunning. 
See the full collection here.

But wait! there's more! I couldn't get enough of these colors so I'm gonna have to give you a glimpse of her S/S 2012 collection as well.
 Check out the rest here.

Spotted by Selina.

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