Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I will begin with a video my older sister Selina sent me. She is currently working in Shanghai for the creative agency NeochaEdge. Check 'em out. She sent me a link to these short videos a while back but I only got to watching them in the middle of my breakdown. But seeing the one based on Beijing made me miss loving learning Chinese. So here I am, back on the wagon, and ready to start again.

Director Gustav Johansson made these short films for EF International Language Centers to help promote studying abroad with the company. He did that by exploring the quintessential typography of seven cities: Barcelona, Beijing, Vancouver, Sydney, Los Angeles, and Paris. I love the music and the sweet naive character in each film. I suggest you watch them all.

The following is Beijing's. Doesn't it just make you want to hop on over?? Ahh. I miss it.

See the rest at Design Taxi. 
Spotted by Selina.
Thank you.

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