Thursday, September 22, 2011

Animal + Kingdom

Spanish artist Maximo Riera is, in fact, a doctor, so he uses his free time to create. Better yet, the exhibitions and events he organizes for his artwork give all the proceeds to charity. But that's not what caught my eye about this artist. 

The sheer magnitude, drama and genius of his sculptural furniture are what has me hooked. Each piece has a beautiful, illustrious black coating and is so realistic that they verge on frightening. Imagine one of these chairs in a huge, lavish drawing room. Wouldn't it be just fantastic?

The Octopus 
"Ancient marine life sculpted by modernity."

The Rhino.

The Walrus

What's next?
The Lion, The Beetle and The Whale.
I can't wait. 

Spotted at Honestly...WTF.

1 comment:

  1. This is incredible. I'd go for the Walrus, the Octopus is scaryyyy


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