Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feather + Leather

Today my sisters Lorelei and Selina and I went and got... drumroll please... feathered. Well, technically Selina got re-feathered. I wasn't entirely sure I'd want them since I think they've gotten to the point of being a little overdone. But hey, why not? It adds a little spunk and color to your hair without making any long term commitments, and its reasonably cheap. I got purple and white feathers underneath my hair and a mixture of bright pink, bright green, blue and some neutrals.
I kind of wish they were the same length as my hair, but apparently rooster's feathers only grow so long.

Lorelei's is pleasantly subtle and almost just looks like a strand of dyed blue hair.

We got our feathers done at the shop Mana Culture on South 1st Street downtown Austin, and while we were in there a man and a woman came in. They had driven down all the way from Canada and were trying to sell their handmade products from their brand Love Jules to the boutique. My mother really liked a gold leather necklace they had so we bought it, but looking at their website they have a wonderful collection of hand crafted leather products along with antlers and such. Check out their store here.

I got Selina to model the necklace for me. Quite the statement piece. And in person the necklace is a wonderful glowing gold.
My friend Emma would approve of the fanny pack collection they have. She's quite the aficionado for the handy hip bag.

Selina is dying for a pair of these handmade leather shoes.

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