Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alexander + McQueen

In light of the current Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I thought I would give a humble homage to the late God of Fashion. The exhibition runs from May 4th to July 31st and is being put on by The Costume Institute. My friend Richard is planning on seeing it soon so I'll just have to experience it vicariously through him.
How wonderful is this gold outfit? I would wear it everyday. Literally.


I would kill for this coat.

Keeping it fresh on the runway.

McQueen's ability to juxtapose female sexuality and power with their delicate vulnerability is part of what made his deigns so successful and world-reknown.

The details on this cape are absolutely stunning.

Beauty is pain. Gorgeous, glittery pain.

(side note: I love the fact the Michael Gorbachev was one of his clients. Oh Gorby.)


  1. I AM AN AVID FAN OF ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. i could die for his dresses and a SHOES!! hmmm maybe that's why it is called SAVAGE! anyway... i love this post! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! kisses and see you on IFB!


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