Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blonde + Ambition

I'm thinking about going blonde for the summer. Drastic? yes. Worth the risk? Maybe. If I get the courage to do it, I guess we'll find out. I think I'll wait for my older sister to come back from China for a little moral support. Being a natural red head, she'll hopefully have some insight into hair color. Blonde is just so summery and.. golden. Taking Chantagold to a whole other level!

I'm thinking blonde a la Sandra from 5 inch and up (shown above). Its not gaga-peroxide blonde so it wouldn't be too much of a shocker, but its just has such nice depth and dimension. Just look at that braid with the bright red pants! So great!

And a hair homage to Blake Lively never hurt...

Here's to taking chances.


  1. love the last pic. oscar de la renta. that is my dream wedding dress.


  2. loveee these blonde hair photos!!!

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