Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skull + Candy (Part II)

So apparently I'm more into skulls then I realized. Looking at my artwork from the last year, 50% of them involve some kind of skeleton part! For example, the piece below I did in last spring.  It was actually a really cool process. The entire piece was made without ANY digital editing of color. I used the same gold skull over and over again and placed in in front of a white wash wall and then used different colored shirts to cover the lights (all very professionally done in my dorm room). Next, I photoshopped and swapped the different skulls into different backgrounds, mixing up the matching colors in order to emphasize the effect color and light have on an object.

kinda cool, huh?

Oh and just for kicks, here a photo of me and my younger sister Lorelei. I'm wearing a KILLER black carved-skull Noir necklace my aunt gave me. It ties with this beautiful black ribbon bow in the back. 

And here's me (on the left) and my wonderful friend Zuzka whom we visited in Slovakia. I'm wearing a SUPER COOL scarf I got in Ibiza that has skulls on it. The bigger ones at the bottom are rather obvious, but I like how as the print gets smaller you have to look closely to realize that they are, in fact, skulls.

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