Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The + Gossip // Beth + Ditto

Ah, Beth Ditto. One of the most eye-catching divas of our day. My first encounter with this superstar was passing through a train station in France a couple of years ago and seeing the fist cover of LOVE magazine. The issue was launching with the theme "Icons of a Generation." I stopped dead in my tracks. I had to know who that was and why she was naked. My sister Selina and I bought a copy to entertain us for the long train ride ahead and entertained we were. It was a fabulous issue filled with pop icons and stars all portrayed by stunning photography. But ever since then, Beth Ditto has been on my radar.

Ditto is the lead singer of the British band The Gossip, and if you don't know their stuff, listen to "Heavy Cross" below.

Beth Ditto is an incredible inspiration to many as she very obviously defies boundaries of what we consider beautiful, and she has a fabulously outrageous sense of style.

Cheers, Beth. 

I want that lipstick.

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