Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jeffrey + Campbell

Hello my lovely readers! I have returned from my worldly travels tanned, exhausted and dying to get back to school and start the new year off with a bang.  After Ibizan clubs, midnight thievery on trains and a lifetime of Greek salads, I'm ready to get back to work. For those of you who have messaged me complaining of symptoms of withdrawal from Glitterature, I thank you. It makes this little past time of mine 100 times better.

I thought I'd start off my first post back with some BANGIN' shoes I just bought. 

They are the "Lita" shoe by the fabulous Jeffrey Campbell. His shoes just have the most outrageous and unique profiles and some amazing structural details. I was severely tempted by the paint splattered pair pictured further down in this post, but decided the pink and orange combination suited my wardrobe best. To inagurate them, I had a lunch date with one of my best girlfriends at Sandra Bullock's latest Austin restaurant called Walton's Fancy and Staple. 

It's in an adorable little brick building downtown that's half food and half florist, so the place is covered in flowers. I wore my new Jeffrey Campbell's with a similarly colored romper I bought while in England over the break. Per.Fect.

Others on my wish list:


granny meets awesome.

 Look at that contour! So fascinating!

 Okay now I should probably go and finish unpacking. YAY SUMMER. please don't end. but do. I'm conflicted.


  1. Welcome back! Wow, you bought some Lita's! I rather love the universe and glittery ones, but I suppose they wouldn't go with as much.. if I bought any it would probs be the black ones! xx


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