Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy + Halloween

So this Halloween I decided to go as "political incorrectness" and donned a rather fanciful headdress. But what REALLY excited me was the fact that I tried applying gold leaf to my face- and it was AWESOME! I just bought gold leaf from an art store, applied some Vaseline to my cheeks and BAM gold leaf to the face. 

The next night I was just going to go as "Chantagold" so I could do it to my whole body, but alas, I decided to go as the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (slash 80's biker chick?) so I could wear a cool dragon tattoo I had. Also please note my lip ring. I would wear that everyday if I could manage to maneuver food and water around it. 

Every weekend should be Halloweekend. 

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