Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Old + Schooled

So my older sister is legit. She's currently interning at BBH Barn in Singapore, which is kind of awesome. Anyway, she and two other interns were given the project assignment "Do good, famously" and their solution was "Old Schooled." It's all about unearthing the wisdom that our grandparents are drenched in, we just haven't bothered to ask yet. So on the website, Old Schooled, you can submit a picture of your grandparents and their token of wisdom. Best gift ever? Yes. Your grandparents will love it. Mine did. Check out their quotes below. 

DO ITTT. My sister will adore you forever. 
Submit here.
Also check out their fb page here.

My father's parents:
"Keep the faith, especially in yourself, and think positively for the future – the only way to go.” 
 H.T. Strasburger

“The secret to life and happiness is to stay flexible.” 

My mother's parents:

"Always check out his genes before you take yours off."
Christopher Turner

“Buttons are better than zips -more time to reflect”
Irene Turner

Words to live by if you ask me!

Good work Selina and good luck!

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