Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sexy + Sweaters

As fall approaches, I begin the hunt for eye-catching sweaters. And boy, have I found just the trick. Except they will be going straight to my Xmas list cause they are $70 a pop.

Meet Sexy Sweaters: unbearably desirable sweaters that sparked an internet frenzy and are now "offered" in an infinite array of designs, none of which are actually buyable. 
Enter the biggest internet tease: The Fashion Meme.

Below are the actual sweaters you can purchase from Sexy Sweaters (slash the website is called Mr. Gugu and Miss Go? To be honest I'm a little bit confused about the origin. I think they're polish?) 
The Memes are too follow.

 galaxy. so in right now.

The memes:

This one if for my friend John.

dis one is MINE.

spotted by Richard.

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