Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jessica + Hische

Last night I went to an amazing lecture by letterer, illustrator and designer Jessica Hische. Not only is she extremely talented and well-known in the design world, she's also young (28!), funny, and about to get married. 

The lecture consisted of her teaching us the differences between an illustrator and designer, and showing us her past and present creations- including the side projects she does when she is, and I quote, "procrastiworking"- being productive but not by doing the things you're supposed to be doing. I like that idea. Check out, "Should I Work for Free?"

Her advice: "Think about something that you wish existed- and make it."

She's designed her own awesome font called Buttermilk and recently did the opening credits for Wes Anderson's upcoming film Moonrise Kingdom. Pretty legit. 

Another one of her cooler jobs is she just designed covers for a collection of classics for Barnes & Nobles and they are beautiful.

Talk about inspiration to start doing something with your life.

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