Friday, December 16, 2011

Ugly + Baby

How many times have you walked around a museum and thought to yourself "Ugh, all of the renaissance babies are so ugly,"? 
Well, good news, there's a blog for that. 
Now you can relive those emotions without even needing to enter the Louvre. 
I included the commentary from the website for these ones. The other ones you'll have to look up yourself due to profanity, but I'd recommend it cause they're pretty hilarious. 

Jan Gossart, The Three Children of Christian II of Denmark, 1526
Oh… Oh God. Those dark, soulless eyes. Kill them. Kill them with fire.

Sebastiano Mainardi, Virgin Adoring the Child with Two Angels
Jan Gossaert. Madonna and Child. Oil on panel. 1527
Madonna and Child of the C-Cups
Luca Signorelli, Coronation of the Virgin
Baby Boots — they’re stylish, yet practical!
Petrus Christus, The Nativity
Oops! Dropped him!

Byzantine fresco, “Dark” Church, Göreme Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey
Salt Lick Christ

Virgin & Child with Bunch of Grapes, Lucas Cranach c. 1510
My preciousssssss
Hey, I found an egg!

Angelos Akotantos, Icon of the Virgin Kardiotissa
Pez Dispenser Jesus!
Renaissance Babies in various stages of choking and passing out from noxious fumes: A Study.

Luca Signorelli - Blessed Virgin of the Receding Hairline

Spotted by Richard and Melanie.

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