Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gift+ Guide (Part VI)

And, by special request from my dear friend Louis, the final gift guide of the season:

For your gorgeous girlfriend who looks good in anything, brings you soup when you are sick, glistens when she works out and somehow manages to teach you something new everyday:

because god forbid Glitterature seem, and I quote, "heteronormative".

Literary Note Card set from Out of Print. With cover art from all of her favorite classics. Bonus: proceeds send books to communities in need. boom, double whammy.

This super sexy sleepwear set from Free People. You just can't go wrong with red lace.

Crack Me Hidden Note by LitteOkins. These adorable customizable eggs show up at your girlfriends door, and she cracks it open to find a message from you! Bizarre but sweet! Below are some other cute designs. Lovin' the gold elk one. duh. 

GOLD PLAYING CARDS. I kid you not. She'll love them and wouldn't they be perfect for a rainy-day in? I'm full of good ideas. By A+R.

The concept behind this scarf might be even cooler than the scarf itself. A bunch of ex-pats living in  Peru's Andean Highlands with a passion for knitting have created an online marketplace for their dozens of knitting creations, along with DIY ideas and tons more. Check it out: Wool and the Gang.

What are her thoughts on Ireland? How about owning property? Because for only $49.99, you can purchase her a square foot of rural Ireland from BuyIreland. Kind of like that whole "naming a star" circa A Walk to Remember, but this one you could actually potentially go visit. and it won't make you cry like a baby.
 Hey, it's different.

So as we all know, buying perfumes for a girl can be difficult because we all have different tastes. There's the clean, "linen" girl, there's the sweet, floral girl, and then there's the rich, musky, amber-y girl (that's me). The best way around all of this confusion? Get her Sephora's Scent Sampler. She'll receive 12 sampler fragrances of Sephora's top selling perfumes, and once she chooses her favorite, she gets to switch it out for a full size bottle of her choice. I got this for Christmas one year and not only got a super sophisticated bottle of Prada out of it, but also kept, and still use, all the mini samplers. You can't go wrong with this one.  

Because nothing says true love like a good temporary tattoo. 

To satisfy the artiste in her because this legendary Japanese Pop artist is to die for.

The lipstick that claims to look good on everyone. So no worries, it will flatter her skin tone. Because I know you were worried about that.

A bouquet of flowers. It's simple, inexpensive and right around the corner. Its worked for the last couple hundred of centuries and, last I checked, it still woos. Go get 'em, tiger.

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