Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dress + Up

Time to recap this year's Halloween costumes.

Halloween is, for obvious reasons, a fabulous excuse to dress up and be something you've always wanted to be but have never been able to be because cultural restrictions forbid it to be socially acceptable. Aka Lana Del Rey.

Sadly, Lana's Born To Die video is not well-known enough to have been instantly recognized by many people (I got a lot of statue of liberty and greek goddess guesses...) but if you take the time to actually compare my creation to her music video, you'll see what a genius I am (made the flowered headdress myself!)

watch it here.

Chantagold. If I can ever have an excuse to put gold leaf on my face, I will.

A generic knight of sorts. Monty Python? sure, I'll take it. 

If only there were more days in a halloweekend.

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