Friday, May 25, 2012

Travel + Sheik

I have some wonderful summer plans ahead of me! The first part of my summer will be spent in Great Britain- visiting relatives in England and then backpacking around Scotland, Ireland and Wales!  I'll be with my sister Lorelei and my good friend Jacob will be joining us before he heads to Coppenhagen for the summer and we head over to Singapore to see our beloved sister Selina and a bit of South East Asia!

Considering I leave in two days- I should probably start packing. WHAT TO PACK. The goal: attempt to be as chic as the lovely ladies below as I tramp across the green hills of the north and the fields of the south. And if you are doing any traveling yourself, take some notes.

Wish me luck.

Colder weather:
Hiking in heels is reasonable, right?


Warmer weather:

GREAT backpack.

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